Not your mother's music lessons

Missouri Valley Music Makers provides non-traditional music instruction that focuses on using interactive games, technology, and community

to engage students in music making. 

Ages 5-6AGES 7 +

About Us

When I was 5 years old, my parents signed up one excited little girl for her first piano lessons. I was ecstatic to learn to “tickle the ivories”!  It all started off well and good. I looked forward to lessons every single week, I dutifully practiced my 15 minutes a day at home, and I excitedly shared the new songs I’d learned with family and friends.  Then it happened.  I hit that wall…

What We Do

MV Music Makers provides non-traditional music instruction that focuses on using interactive games, technology, and community to engage students in music making.  

Group Lessons

Designed with the 5-6 year old student in mind, Group Lessons teach students foundational music concepts through games and group performance.

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Deluxe Lessons

Specifically tailored for students age 7+, Deluxe Lessons uniquely cater to each student’s needs through personalized one-on-one instruction, online games, and motivating practice challenges.

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Music + Movement

Designed for the smallest of musicians, this class for ages 0-5 years focuses on experiencing musical concepts through song, dance, games, and playing instruments.

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Let’s Work Together!

Enroll your child is music lessons that grow their love of music, not diminish it.  


“After attending my granddaughter’s piano lessons at MV Music Makers, I had the chance to attend my grandson’s traditional piano lessons with another teacher.  I was shocked to see the difference!  While my granddaughter was always actively engaged and playing during her lessons, my grandson had a hard time focusing and left the lesson without even playing his newly assigned music.  I wish my grandson had a school like MV Music Makers where he lives!”

“My daughter loves her piano classes at MV Music Makers.  She enjoys being in classes with other children, playing all the games, and learning new songs.  I can see her gaining musical literacy that will be beneficial for both piano and future musical efforts.”

“Our daughter started lessons when she was three.  She loves every minute of instruction and practice time because of the love for music and movement that Sara fosters during lesson time.  Calliope can’t wait for her lesson every week.  She has been nurtured to love and appreciate music and all the learning benefits that come along with her lessons.  Thank you Miss Sara for all you do to inspire the love of music making for our daughter.”

“Waverly started lessons with Ms. Sara just before she turned four and has been with her for over a year.  She absolutely loves going to her weekly lesson and always comes out with a smile on her face.  They have so much fun together and Waverly has learned so much!  She loves telling me about all her animal fingers and shows me how they each play notes!  Ms. Sara is incredibly kind and patient with Waverly and all the other kids I have seen her interact with.  She’s an amazing teacher who inspires her students!  I cannot wait to see what the next year brings!”

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