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Missouri Valley Music Makers provides non-traditional music instruction that focuses on using interactive games, technology, and community

to engage students in music making. 

Our Story

Where It All Began

When I was 5 years old, my parents signed up one excited little girl for her first piano lessons. I was ecstatic to learn to “tickle the ivories”! It all started off well and good. I looked forward to lessons every single week, I dutifully practiced my 15 minutes a day at home, and I excitedly shared the new songs I’d learned with family and friends.
Then it happened. I hit that wall. You know, THE wall. I distinctly remember the page in my primer book when I thought “This isn’t fun anymore.” So I closed the book, only to see its contents again once a week while my piano teacher sat beside me. For twelve years, yes TWELVE years after that, my piano teacher, God bless her, sat by my side once a week patiently encouraging me as I arrived at lessons woefully unprepared. (What can I say, I’ve never been a quitter and neither has she!)
So imagine my dismay when I learned that if I wanted to be a band teacher, I had to continue to take piano lessons in college. Ugh, did it ever end? I didn’t want to teach piano, I wanted to teach band, why did it matter if I kept up the lessons? But that’s when things changed…
In college I learned that there are many DIFFERENT ways to learn how to play the piano. The traditional approach I learned by simply wasn’t the way I learned best and following college, with a newfound love for the instrument, I learned through teaching in my own piano studio that MOST young students don’t learn best using the traditional approach!
That is why at Missouri Valley Music Makers, we offer non-traditional piano instruction that focuses on interactive, hands-on, and totally immersive experiences. It’s also why we offer other non-traditional music instruction, such as music and movement classes for ages 0-5 years. At Missouri Valley Music Makers, THE wall is nowhere in sight. The only thing to be seen on the horizon is every student’s heartfelt fondness of music making. Join us in sharing the love (and FUN)!

Miss Sara

What We Offer

Group Lessons

Designed with the 5-6 year old student in mind, Group Lessons teach students foundational music concepts through games and group performance.

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Deluxe Lessons

Specifically tailored for students age 7+, Deluxe Lessons uniquely cater to each student’s needs through personalized one-on-one instruction, online games, and practice challenges.

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Music + Movement

Designed for the smallest of musicians, this class for ages 0-5 years focuses on experiencing musical concepts through song, dance, games, and playing instruments.

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Let’s Work Together!

Enroll your child is music lessons that grow their love of music, not diminish it.