Group Lessons

Designed with the 5-6 year old student in mind, Group Lessons teach students foundational music concepts through games and group performance.

In Group Lessons your student will have access to…

The Roadtrip! Series

Every student in Group Lessons has the opportunity to learn using the Roadtrip! Series of piano books.  What’s unique about that?


Game Based Learning

The Roadtrip! Series focuses on learning foundational piano concepts through songs and games.  This means that learning is never boring, always engaging, and it always “sticks”!  


Interactive Technology

In addition to the game based learning of Group Lessons, students also have access to the Piano Maestro app.  This app partners in a unique way with the Roadtrip! Series to both reinforce fundamental piano concepts and introduce new ones using a variety of teaching styles.

What are Group Lessons?

Group Lessons are lessons where all students learn important piano concepts and skills as a team.  Group Lessons are specifically designed for students entering or currently enrolled in kindergarten and first grade. 

What will my child learn in group piano?

Students in Group Lessons learn the foundations of piano playing, including rhythm reading, keyboard geography, and staff note reading.  In every class your child will practice steady beat, play at least one song on the piano, and engage in games that reinforce important musical concepts.  

How are Group Lessons different from traditional piano lessons?

Group Lessons are much more immersive and interactive than traditional piano lessons.  Instead of learning to keep a steady beat by attempting to copy examples, students experience steady beat by playing cooperatively with their peers.  Instead of learning to read notes on the musical staff by memorization, students interact with notes on the staff through immersive games that strengthen fluency.  Instead of learning about music theory through worksheets, students experience these foundational concepts of music through engaging games that bring real life meaning to them.

Why do you teach Group Lessons instead of traditional lessons?

If you haven’t already read the story of how I was lead to non-traditional piano instruction, check it out at About Us.  Aside from that though, the biggest reason I teach ages 5-6 in Group Lessons is because in my professional experience, it has proven to be the most beneficial for students.  Students ages 5-6 are not only still learning who they are within their community, but also how to simply be a student in a structured education setting.  Group Lessons provide an ideal environment for both of these developmental milestones.  That means that your piano student will be able to focus on music while their environment naturally provides for their developmental needs.

How long will my child be in Group Lessons?

What comes next?

The Group Lesson program is designed for students entering or currently enrolled in kindergarten and first grade.  Students may spend as few as one and as many as three years in the Group Lesson program before moving into the Deluxe Lesson program starting in second grade.  To read more about the Deluxe Lessons program click here.

How do I sign up?

You can fill out the registration form by clicking Sign Up below.  Once you’ve submitted the registration form, you will receive login credentials to My Music Staff, where you can reserve your desired lesson time.

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